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Kusunoki sunglasses



・1969年 アーティストとしてメジャーデビュー


・(株)メーザーハウス ボーカル講師


・東京スクールオブミュージック ボーカル講師

・昭和音楽大学ジャズポピュラー科 ボーカル講師



・有限会社 ラウリア・エンタープライズ

長年歌を教えていると、生徒さん達が心の中で考えてる事がよく分かります。歌をうまくなりたいだけなのに、どうして発声をしなければいけないのか? こんなものは飛ばして、自分が歌いたい歌だけを練習すればいいじゃあないか!と思う人もいます。しかし、歌いたい歌を歌おうと思っても、高い音や大きな声が出なくては、結局発声練習に戻ってくることになります。








今、目の前にデビューの予定もなく目的も目標もないかもしれません。ただ歌をトライしたいと思ってるだけの人も、プロを目指してる人も、又は、デビューしたものの、長いツアーや多くの時間を掛けて何度も何度もレコーディングをしたり、喉を酷使したことがない人もいるでしょう。経験も実感もないから、いざそうなった時に慌ててしまいます。アマチュアの時から本当のプロとしての意識を持ち、ステージ上での対処の仕方をどうやったらいいか教えます。モニターの聴き方や動き方も教えます。みんな最初は何も分かりません。当然です。経験が無いからしょうがないですよね。それらをすべて私が教えます。45年以上のアーティストとしての経験と数限りないレコーディングとライブ。バンドボーカル、ソロボーカリスト、ゲストボーカリストやコーラスとしての経験値。ソウル、ロック、ジャズ、AOR、R&B、すべてのジャンルを経験して、みかん箱の上で歌う小ステージから大ホールや武道館、体育館、 日本、アジア、ブラジルのステージパフォーマンス。日本のみならず、ロサンゼルス、ニューヨークレコーディング等、とんでもない数多くの経験を積んできた私だから教えられる事がたくさんあるのがこのスクールの特徴です。





After all these years of teaching students how to sing, I usually know what they're thinking at first: "Why do I have to do warm-up exercises when I just want to be goodat singing?  Why can't I just skip these boring exercises and go straight to singing?"  I do understand these thoughts, but if you want to sing your favorite song and you can't hit those high notes, and/or if you can't project your voice very well, you're going to have to start with the warm-up exercises first before you dive into singing. 


I used to teach a vocalist -- who is now a superstar in Japan -- and he had these exact same thoughts in the beginning.  I remember our first lesson; his adlibs were floundering, his pitch was lukewarm, his emotions while singing were blurred and he

could not even perform the simplest of the warm-up exercises.  Everything about his singing was astonishingly mediocre.  


Even if one has graduated from a music vocational school, it does not necessarily mean he has exceled in the basics of singing; in fact, I have found that most students who have graduated from such schools have not mastered in the  fundamentals.  And this outcome is rightfully so, as a student has only a limited time in performing and recording.  Once the student is able to sing to a certain degree without getting the basics down, he hits a wall.  With his skills coming to a halt, the student usually goes under a lot of stress that causes vocal cord polyps or vocal cord nodules.  You do not want to have these growths of tissue on your vocal cord. Street singers also need to be careful as most street performers put a lot of pressure onto their vocal cords to sing louder.  


Yes, basics are very important as any professional vocal teacher will tell you, but what this school offers unlike any other school is that  

a professional vocal producer will produce your singing.  


Perhaps you are not signed to any record label, and perhaps you do not have anygoals at the moment to become a professional singer.  You might be willing to just try it out and see if you like it, or maybe you're looking to become a pro.  Maybe you have already made your artist debut but don't feel you're up to par during your long tours, or your long hours of recording in the studio.  Whatever you're looking for, I will teach you the basics all the way to the pro: how to think like a professional, how to deal with unexpected happenings onstage, how to listen to your monitors and how to move onstage with ear monitors, etc.   


No one has a clue how these things work at first, and that is completely normal.  If you don't have any experience, how will you know, right?  That is why I am here to teach you everything you need to know.  


I have over 45 years of experience performing and recording as a professional artist. I have performed countless times as a band vocalist, solo vocalist, guest vocalist, and a back-up singer.  Soul, Rock, Jazz, AOR, R&B, etc -- I have sang every genre.  I started out singing on top of boxes that carried mandarin oranges, and I made it all the way to the Budokan and stadiums of Japan.  I have also performed and recorded numerous times outside of Japan such as L.A., New York, Brazil, and other countries in Asia.  45+ years of experience performing and recording as an artist in and outside of Japan -- this is what this school has to offer.  


I will produce your singing. 


In my classes, you will be able to master the basics of singing and polish/create your own unique vocal style.  

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